Knowing when to leave is half the battle

We all know the type: the person at the party who cannot bring themselves to leave. Whether they just like the sound of their own voice or fear of facing what is at home is just too much, knowing when your time is up is critical.  (Watch this segue.)  And the same goes for IVC filters. [...]

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Quick Tips on Truck Safety

The semi-truck is one of the most dangerous motor vehicles on the roads today. With nearly 97% of semi truck collisions involving a fatality and the annual death rate reaching 4,000, it is imperative we do everything possible to stay safe on the road. Here are a few key pointers when sharing the roadway with [...]

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How Important is Truck Safety?

Although road safety over the last 30 years has improved dramatically, there are still significant areas for improvement - one being truck safety. Large truck crashes can happen anywhere and most often they are physically and economically and emotionally devastating for victims. One, most truck collisions involve a passenger car as well, making these crashes [...]

Improving our Highways and Safety – The FAST ACT

Last month Congress passed the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, known as the FAST Act. This bill is a compromise of a few previous bills that did not pass. This new law allocates $305 Billion towards fixing America’s transit system, which includes fixing roads, reducing freight costs, and boosting productivity in freight related industries. The [...]

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Safety Alert

Low Fuel Costs Brings More Trucks and New Drivers on our Roadways For quite some time the trucking industry has had to contend with a national shortage of drivers and additional regulations are on the horizon in Congress. These realities can hurt businesses and consumers by increasing general costs. However, this new year may mark [...]

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When Our Minds are NOT on the Road

Study after study including this one from October, 2015 proves that we are seriously distracted when we drive and use hands free devices. The AAA considers a mental distraction rating of 2 or higher (out of 5) as potentially dangerous. In this study the drivers’ attention was distracted with a rating of 3.4. And notably, [...]

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Steps to Follow After a Car Wreck

Stay at the scene-Assess your  passenger’s injuries and ensure that the environment is safe.  Call 911 to dispatch the police and medical personnel.  It is extremely important that you receive a police report documenting the incident.  Ask the officer for a report number. Exchange information-Keep conversation with the other driver to a minimum and be [...]

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