Class Action Lawsuits

If you feel cheated by a company that you dealt with in good faith, you aren’t alone. Unfortunately, companies don’t always deliver on their promises. Taking on a large corporation alone is nearly impossible. Joining a class action lawsuit with hundreds or thousands of other consumers, who may have been injured in the same manner, may be a way to be compensated for your loss and stop the consumer fraud.

The lawyers of Kitrick, Lewis & Harris have extensive experience with different kinds of class action cases. We can fight for you and ensure your rights are protected and you receive fair compensation.

Types of Class Action Lawsuits:

  • Telephone and communication products fraud
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) fraud
  • Hidden fees and bank charges
  • Maintenance and service agreement fraud
  • Product liability injury claims
  • Illegal contract extensions
  • Bad faith insurance company fraud
  • Consumer fraud litigation law
  • Internet scams
  • Interest charges
  • Real estate scams

Class Action Cases

Need an Experienced Class-Action Lawyer?

Joining a class action lawsuit can be intimidating and overwhelming.  Class action lawsuits typically involve disputes over fine print and the subtleties of contract law.  Plaintiffs in these lawsuits are facing off against large corporations. The lawsuits are also often massive in scope. To determine if you have a class action case or should join a class action lawsuit, you need an experienced class action attorney at your side. The attorneys at Kitrick, Lewis & Harris have successfully represented plaintiffs in the following class action lawsuits:

Credit Report and Fair Credit Reporting Act Claims

  • Blasi v. Equifax, et al.: Consumers claimed that Equifax violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act by releasing credit reports without authorization.

Excessive Fees or Charges to Consumers

  • McCartney v. Camcar, et al.: Consumers claimed that Ohio towing companies violated towing regulations by charging an illegal “administrative” fee. The court certified the class and the settlement resulted in the return of illegally collected fees to class members.

Online Auction Fraud and Internet Scams

  • Farris v. eBay, et al.: Online auction customers alleged that eBay and one of its auction partners,, unfairly manipulated online auctions by “shill” bidding to artificially inflate the price of items. The courts certified the case for settlement, forced eBay to remedy the challenged auction conduct, and the class received reimbursement for the inflated prices they paid.

Example of Insurance Claim Denials and Refusal to Pay Claims

Birr v. Amica Mutual Insurance: Insured plaintiffs claimed that Amica illegally denied automobile medical payment coverage to those who used health insurance to pay a portion of their accident-related medical bills.  The court certified the case for settlement, and the class received previously denied medical payments coverage.

Ohio Consumer Fraud Attorneys

How do you fight back when a company has cheated you? Thousands of hardworking, honest consumers lose millions of dollars each year to companies that never intend to deliver what they promise.

If the company has defrauded multiple victims, the group can file a class action lawsuit. Our attorneys can help you recover the assets you have lost and stand by your side to help navigate the emotional toll consumer fraud cases can cause.

Consumer Fraud Claims:

  • Service agreement fraud
  • Installation and maintenance agreements
  • Shill bidding online auction scams
  • False product claims
  • Deceptive money making schemes
  • Internet company fraud
  • Financial investment product fraud
  • Insurance company bad faith, denied claims fraud

Consumer Protection

Our attorneys are experienced in representing plaintiffs in a broad range of different kinds of class action lawsuits. These include:

  • Antitrust Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits filed against companies that illegally overcharge customers for various products or services.  This practice can include price fixing and other collaboration to drive up prices or eliminate competition.

  • Consumer Fraud Lawsuits

This includes illegal charges on bills for services, illegal late fees, or any other action that does not adhere to standard consumer protection laws. This is often a form of maintenance and service agreement fraud, internet service provider fraud, telephone products fraud, or hidden bank charges.

  • Product Liability Claims

When a company releases an unsafe product, victims injured by that product often band together to file a class action lawsuit against that product’s manufacturer.  The class action lawsuit against Toyota for faulty accelerators is an example of this type of lawsuit.

  • Insurance Company Fraud

There are many different types of insurance fraud, from illegal charges to denied claims. In most cases, insurance companies that act in bad faith do so with many different clients. Those clients can file a class action lawsuit against the insurance company to receive compensation.

Any time the actions of a company or corporation harm many different people, there is the potential for a powerful class action lawsuit.

Unfair and Deceptive Business Practices

Ohio Deceptive Business Practice Attorneys

Our attorneys have experience fighting against many forms of fraudulent business practices, including:

  • Consumer fraud (committed by corporations or individuals)
  • Internet scams
  • Abuse of uniformed services personnel
  • Insurance disputes
  • Bad faith insurance claims
  • Denial of life insurance claims
  • Defective product injuries