Firm Commitments

Our firm is dedicated to providing outstanding commitment, service and support to each and every one of our clients. Since our firm’s success is depend entirely on the clients we serve, it is essential that we are able to make each case a priority. We have set standards that each member of our firm must follow to ensure quality service for our clients.

Service Standards:

  • We are dedicated to pursuing fair compensation for your injuries and losses.
  • We keep your best interests at heart. Since we are dedicated to serving our clients, we treat your case like we would a family member and always keep you first.
  • Your case is important to us. We always make sure our clients feel important and involved in their case.
  • We keep you informed and up-to-date on all important case developments. Our firm will always contact you.
  • We explain your legal options to help you make informed decision. We understand that legal information can be confusing. Our firm will explain any legal information, in detail, and will always help you with the decision process.
  • We make ourselves available to you to answer questions about your case. Our firm will always be there for you.
  • We treat you with respect and dignity. We always respect our clients’ opinions.

Our firm is committed to community involvement. Community involvement and giving back is important to our firm. We are passionate about contributing to the needs of the individuals in the Columbus community who are in need of help. Throughout the year, our firm organizes drives to collect and donate supplies to many different nonprofit organizations.

Hannah’s Socks
Hannah’s Socks is a nonprofit organization based out of Ohio that specializes in serving homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters. They collect and deliver new socks and other new clothing essentials to those in need. During the winter months, our firm collects and donates new socks and clothing to the organization.

The Homeless Families Foundation
The Homeless Families Foundation is a Columbus-based nonprofit organization that aims to help provide housing assistance, support, stability and nurturing for homeless children and their families. Each Christmas, our firm organizes a drive that gathers and donates supplies to The Homeless Families Foundation.

CHA Animal Shelter
CHA Animal Shelter in Westerville is a completely donation-funded nonprofit shelter that has been rescuing dogs and cats in central Ohio since 1975.  They help homeless and abandoned animals find loving homes.  KLH volunteers as well as donates much needed supplies to the shelter in the summer.

Our firm strives to educate the community about safety. Since safety is a number one priority for many families, our firm dedicates time to present and participate in educational and informative safety organizations.

60 for Safety
As a local representative for the nationwide campaign known as 60 for Safety, the members of our firm reach out to local schools, PTAs, civic groups and community organizations to deliver 60-minute presentation on a variety of safety topics.60 for Safety works with small nonprofits focused on injury prevention to help spread their message by coordinating volunteer speakers all across North American to present 60-minute safety talks.
End Distracted Driving is a nonprofit organization that has partnered with 60 for Safety to educate students about distracted driving. started its ongoing campaign with 60 for Safety in April 2012. The campaign consists of educational, informative and inspiring talks presented by attorneys across the U.S and throughout Canada that are committed to making the community a safer place to live.

Our firm markets itself via word-of-mouth advertising practices. We exist because of referrals from clients and other law firms. If we are contacted by a referring attorney, we include that attorney on the case’s goings on.  If we are contacted via referral from a previous client, we send a thank you in writing to the referrer. Communication is a key element that contributes to the success of our firm. When our firm is contacted, one of our attorneys takes immediate action to talk and meet with the client within 24 hours in order to assess the case.