“Following my accident, I didn’t know whom to trust. After meeting with Kitrick, Lewis & Harris, I knew I had found the right firm. I was able to focus on getting better and leave the legal wrangling to them. Mark and his team were empathetic, compassionate, accessible, and kept us informed every step of the way. I felt that it was a true partnership, and I was not just another client. For that I will always be grateful.”
Amberleigh S., Case Study
“When I retained Kitrick, Lewis & Harris, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Mark Kitrick became my shield, my protection against all the bad things that were going on around me…I had no business navigating the legal process on my own. Working with Mark was the best decision I ever made. He is awe-inspiring, because he is just so good at what he does.”

“…If you’re going through a personal injury accident, hire the right attorney – one from Kitrick, Lewis & Harris – and then pay attention to what he says. From the outset, he will be ready to go to war for you.”

Alex N., Case Study
“Mark Lewis is amazing. He is the very antithesis of what your perception of a lawyer may be. He is kind and understanding, and he listens to your concerns. He seems to anticipate what you need to know, and then explains it in terms you can understand. I feel so lucky to have found Kitrick, Lewis & Harris. I don’t believe any other law firm, or any other lawyer, could have handled my cases so successfully. I think I received far more compensation than I would have with anyone else.”
Andrea D., Case Study
“Mark and his team were with me every step of the way. I do believe God puts people in our lives in the professions we need them to be in and that person was Mark Kitrick. The accident that took my husband changed every aspect of my life. Until something like this happens, you have no idea the emotional toll it will take, as well as the economical and legal ramifications that result from such a sudden, violent incident.”
Pam M., Case Study
“From the moment I walked into Mark Kitrick’s office until the day my case was settled, I was impressed by the high degree of professionalism he demonstrated and grateful for the compassion he showed. The way he managed my case was simply outstanding. Mark Kitrick was able to successfully handle a complex situation that involved litigation in two states. In the process, he made a heartbreaking situation more bearable.”
Jean W., Case Study
Kitrick, Lewis & Harris is a class act from start to finish. Attorney Sean Harris earned our trust from the first meeting, and we were impressed by his kindness, understanding, and professionalism throughout the legal process. With the law firm of Kitrick, Lewis & Harris, they let you know from the outset that you are not out there all alone. The attorneys will guide you through every step of civil litigation and help you through what may be one of the most difficult times in your life.
Sherrill M., Case Study
“From my first meeting with Mark Kitrick, I had total confidence in him and trusted him to guide me through this unfamiliar process of litigation. Because I am a woman of faith, it was incredibly important to me to have a person of integrity and character represent me. I found that with Mark. Until you go through something like this, you may not understand how important it is to be guided in the right direction. Mark Kitrick’s manner is so gentle, yet highly professional. He is approachable, and very sensitive to what you’re experiencing. You think of him as a friend who is looking out for you and will always keep your best interests in mind.”
Patti E., Case Study
“Over a year ago this firm handled a case for me. At that time I was amazed at the treatment I received. Although this was a small case to them, it was huge to me. I was treated with kindness and respect every step of the way. I was so very pleased with my experience with Mr. Kitrick and his excellent staff. Recently, I received a letter from a government agency requesting additional information from me about my case. I didn’t even have to call Mark Kitrick’s office. They followed up on it and again solved my issue. I couldn’t be happier with my entire experience with this law firm.”
Kathy K.
“Attorney Harris and staff were wonderful to work with. I always received a prompt response when I asked a question. They were great listeners, compassionate and got an award for the wrongful death of my mother that was larger than I ever imagined we would get. I hope I never need their services again, but should the need arise I would call immediately.”
Debra E.
“Mark Kitrick and his staff (big thanks to paralegal Amber Richardson) exhibited high professionalism and knowledge from our first meeting through the culmination of our case. Communications were frequent and thorough and all of our questions and concerns were addressed. Video taped depositions were well organized and conducted in a relaxed atmosphere. Our mediation was planned and conducted by by Mark Kitrick and his staff in a very organized manner which included briefing us on what to expect. The final outcome was very acceptable and one which I don’t feel we would have achieved without Mark Kitrick’s expertise and experience.”
Matt L.
“I have always been reluctant in dealing with attorneys but in this case my wife and I were pleasantly surprised. We had been dealing with three separate companies in regards to a claim and for over seven months kept getting the run around. After one meeting and speaking with Mark Kitrick he felt like we had a very legitimate claim. He preceded to draft a letter to all of the companies involved and within a short period of time the claim was resolved. Everyone that we met at the firm was professional. We appreciate everything they did for us. We would highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of legal help.”
Paul G.
“I was involved in a motor vehicle collision with a COTA bus. I was not at fault, I sustained injuries, and my vehicle was totaled. I did not know any attorneys because I had never been in any situation where I would need one. A friend from church told me about Kitrick, Lewis & Harris Co., L.P.A. My friend had worked with Sean Harris, one of the partners at KLH, and told me to go to him to receive legal advice. I hired them to settle my case and that is what they did. It took seven months but I am extremely happy with the outcome. I could not have done it without them because of my injuries I received from the wreck. Any questions I had they helped me through them.”
Alfred H.
“I am a professional FF/Medic with the city and deal with many emergencies and find people in many cases at a time of need. Back in 2000 I found myself and family in a similar situation after a bad auto accident. Almost immediately the calls from insurance companies started pouring in. A fellow firefighter had told me about Kitrick, Lewis & Harris and he highly recommended them. The next day I called and met with Mark Lewis. I deal with many people and from the moment I met Mark I knew right away we were going to hire him. Trying to deal with insurance companies on your own in my opinion is a big mistake. Like everything it boils down to money. Mark Lewis and staff were so welcoming, kind, and professional throughout and in the end I am very grateful I hired them. I have since used Mark on several other situations with outstanding results. Fireman are a tight knit bunch and trust among us is very important. I have referred several of my FF brothers/sisters to Mark over the years as well as civilian friends. Every one of them has called to thank me and tell me what I already know and that is what a great experience they had at Kitrick, Lewis & Harris. I personally cannot say enough.”
Scott P.
“I am super impressed with my minimal contact so far with this firm. I haven’t done too much with them yet, however what I have seen so far has been professional. They have not wasted time, they return calls promptly and answer questions.

This firm is a class act. In this particular field, personal injury can have a bad reputation. I’m impressed – they have acted with the utmost of professionalism.”

Lisa M.
“Represented me in a very important lawsuit and could not have been more happy with my experience. Highly recommended.”
Donte D.