We are starting to better understand when people have concussions and how to diagnose them with more sophisticated tests. However, a study recently published in The British Journal of Sports Medicine offers a simple, practical, and accurate way to tests athletes to determine whether one has sustained a concussion. The test focuses on “reaction time.” As shown below, the evaluator holds the hockey puck via adhesive to a long wooden dowel.  The evaluator drops it and the athlete catches it. Depending on how long it takes to catch it which is measured by centimeters on the stick, the evaluator can tell if the athlete has a concussion. This is known because prior to the concussion, the same test is administered (to create a baseline) and thus the evaluator can compare the 2 times, before and after,  it takes to catch the stick. There was more validation than I am noting herein and it is set forth in the article. But the practical implications are outstanding and a single, 5 minute test may very well  be a new and  important tool for any team anywhere.