The latest news is the EBay cyberattack that took place in February and March of this year.  EBay Inc. has urged everyone to change their compromised passwords.  If you are among the many who use the same password for every site it is also strongly advised to change those passwords as the hackers tend to see if the victim uses the same username and password on other sites such as banking account webpages.  There is no evidence of attacks on PayPal account holders but it would be wise to change your password on their site as well.  As a safety precaution, get in the habit of changing your password several times a year.

Here are some tips on creating a strong password:

·         Use a combination of letters, symbols and numbers
·         Avoid family names, addresses and birthdates
·         Your username and password should not be the same
·         Try making up your own word
·         Stay away from words with double letter or numbers

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