Many people do not know this fact but the FDA (“US Food and Drug Administration”-855-543-3784) has approximately 25 pharmacists in the FDA’s Division of Drug information (“DDI”)who the public can call, email, or write with questions from 8 am-4:30 pm EST-1-888-INFO-FDA. The DDI is a public outreach arm of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (“CDER”). Its role: to help ensure the safety and efficacy of medicines. Call include issues surrounding  aspirins to new cancer treatments.  Some of the more common concerns or queries involve adverse side effects to drug recalls to simple questions about labeling and interactions of drugs with other medications. Per month, the division answers 6000 telephone calls, 2000 emails, and 140 letters.


When there are serious side effects from a drug, the DDI can allow someone to report those reactions vis-à-vis the MedWatch reporting system-1-800-332-1088. MedWatch is very important because it keeps total track of consumers’ and health care professionals’ reports of drug side effects.


Division of Drug Information –

If you are having any issues with medications, it is crucial that you contact your physician, your pharmacist, and now that you know, you always have the FDA pharmacists as well.