It is wonderful that we have “green” cars now. It saves money and time and energy and helps the environment. However, what is not discussed enough is how quiet they are, especially when going under 20 MPH.  This reality means that many people do not hear the vehicles coming and thus are not aware of their presence. This is particularly dangerous for young children, those on bicycles, and those who are visually and hearing impaired. According to the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2011, electric cars are 2 times as likely to cause accidents while backing up, slowing or stopping, starting in traffic, or entering or leaving a parking space or driveway. As a result of these silent often deadly dangers, engineers are now trying to create a sound that can be added to the cars. People expect some exterior noise from a vehicle. Until there are some viable fixes to this problem, we highly recommend that people pay more attention than ever before to their surroundings. And that means do not walk or run while texting or on the phone or operating an iPad, for instance. Save the IT work for a time and place that is safe. Always looks 360 degrees and not just forward. Finally, expect silent cars in parking lots and areas where cars travel under 20 mph.