A wonderful widow Sharon, we represent, came to see us last week to share with us something she found by accident after her husband Frank, a US Army Veteran, was killed. A careless driver went left of center around Christmas last year right after Frank’s birthday and smashed into his truck. He was killed instantly. This tragedy happened before he could watch his beloved Buckeyes win the national championship.   Frank was only 63; he worked two jobs;   he was a church deacon; he worked out 3-4 times a week and kept in shape; he adored his grandchildren and loved immensely his wife and family. Everyone who met Frank loved him; he was such a giving, caring person, full of sensitivity, warm smiles, and gregariousness. But what Sharon uncovered after cleaning Frank’s dresser drawer brought her to her knees, with salty tears streaming down her crestfallen, pale face. Frank never told even her about his 2014 goals, acts he had promised himself he would do for others- and which he did.  As she had pulled out his Bible, inside Revelations, a crude folded up calendar floated like a wispy white cloud to her wooden bedroom floor.  Frank had sketched his own calendar, a matrix showing each month and every week, and he titled it HELPING OTHERS. Inside each week’s box, Frank wrote the name of a person he was going to help- this was filled in for every week of the full year. Upon reflection, Sharon realized that he had indeed accomplished his private, personal goals. She instantly comprehended that in his most humble, caring, and important way, Frank made a significant difference in so many people’s lives. No fanfare, no grandstanding, not even telling her how he had planned on making lives for others better. It was pure humility, goodness to the highest degree. Frank’s selfless ambitions were something we sometimes forget:  the amazing power of one. If one person commits to doing something positive for someone else, then that one person makes a real difference. Every day matters. So, when we aid others whenever we can, we improve the condition of humanity, for all eternity. Is there really any other greater power here on earth?