As our nation wraps up another season of football, brain injuries are being discussed all the more. And there is major class action litigation surrounding football players and their being exposed to serious and repeated brain trauma when playing their beloved game. Of course, most people know of the afflictions of boxers, most predominantly the great Ali, and how being hit in the face and head many times can and does cause permanent damage.

Experts are just now starting to understand the nature and extent of injuries someone might be suffering from when their head is hit or hits something, such as in a car wreck. It used to be experts did not believe one might suffer a brain injury unless the skull itself was broken open, this is called an “open head injury.” Now, through modern tests and after years of study experts are comprehending that long term damage can and does occur when one has exposure to head trauma but there is no obvious “outside” injury. We often see clients who are victims of someone’s negligence suffer from brain injuries from just one impact – and they do not have to be knocked unconscious. Simply the brain shaking inside the skull itself can cause damage. The typical symptoms are depression, mood changes, headaches, memory loss, confusion, being more sleepy, being tired, and  irritability. Sometimes those symptoms over time, usually 6-8 weeks, go away. Other times the problems stay the same or worsen. The key is this: recognition as fast as possible and then aggressive monitoring and treatment. If you or a loved one are suffering from such conditions, please consult with your physician, preferably a neurologist or neurosurgeon who routinely  handles brain trauma, as soon as you can. Such complaints cannot and should not be taken lightly. Someone’s life and health depend on your being aware and proactive.