The American Association for Justice has shared coverage on forced arbitration from the New York Times, building off of the groundbreaking series, Beware the Fine Print (Part I).

“Efforts to Rein in Arbitration Come Under Well-Financed Attack” explores the great lengths and varied ways the US Chamber of Commerce has sought to eliminate class actions on behalf of Wall Street Banks and powerful corporate interests.  The Times reporting discusses what the Congressional response to forced arbitration has been, and what it should be.  This includes the renewed attention to the issue in DC and around the country following the Times reporting earlier this month, as well as ongoing efforts at the CFPB and Federal Agencies to eliminate forced arbitration, protect class actions and ensure corporate accountability.  Click on the following links to view Beware the Fine Print Part II, and Part III.

For further reading we would encourage you to check out the most recent New York Times article, “Bipartisan Bill Would Protect Service Members’ Right to Avoid Arbitration”.