How Corporations are taking away your basic 7th Amendment Constitutional Right to a Jury Trial!

Our constitutional right to a jury trial is a fundamental American right. Its beginning was born hundreds of years ago in England and set out in the Magna Carta. Our Founding Fathers believed it was exceptionally important and thus included this crucial, sacred right in our Bill of Rights and Constitution. Having one’s case heard by a jury equalizes everyone, so that all Americans – even the poorest or least powerful person or business – can have their day in court including being against the richest and powerful person or corporation. There, a jury of peers can decide the case which can be appealed to a higher court if need be. This distinguishes America from all other countries.

Sadly and tragically, many corporations are stealing from you this basic constitutional right – and you probably did not even know it. It is called FORCED ARBITRATION. Forced arbitration language is being inserted in the fine print in all kinds of documents whether it is for credit cards, cell phones, utility charges, investment accounts, employment, insurance, nursing home admissions, and so many more.  Forced arbitration takes away your right to sue and go in front of a jury.

How is this possible in American? If this email surprises, shocks or angers you and you want to know more, we encourage you to watch the short movie we have included below for your convenience. It is the best description we’ve seen of what is going on in America. Afterwards, feel free to share our email and video with others. Meanwhile, KLH is working hard to preserve your 7th amendment right to a jury trial.