Are you reading the fine print?  Forced arbitration has become popular in big company contracts and agreements.   It can be found in documents used for credit cards, investment accounts, employment, insurance, and so much more.  Forced arbitration is when a company takes away your right as a consumer or employee to sue, participate in a class action lawsuit, and the right to a trial by jury when a dispute arises.  This means that if you are harmed in any way there is an arbitrator assigned to your case.  The arbitrator is the decision maker and their decision is final.  What is worse is that the arbitrator is picked by the big company. Why haven’t you heard about forced arbitration?  The results are not made public.  Many of us don’t even know if we have signed our rights away.

The more voices heard on how wrong forced arbitration is the more attention it will get.  If we all come together we should see positive results.  See what you can do by visiting the blog and watching the video below. We encourage you to share both to get the word out about this issue that everyone should be aware of.