GM is in major trouble lately with respect to product liability issues. Now, the auto manufacturer has recalled more vehicles, 3.36 million according to sources, over more problems with ignition switches. The recall is separate from but similar to a previous recall of 2.6 million vehicles connected to ignition switch issues. The recent recall is attributed to ignition switches getting knocked out of the run position and negatively impacting the functionality of the cars’ brakes, air bags and power steering.

It is one thing when a company notices a defect and promptly notifies consumers and corrects the problem. However, apparently GM noticed the ignition switch issue over 10 years ago but failed to take action. In total, GM has had to issue 44 different recalls this year on roughly 20 million vehicles. The cost to fix the first ignition switch problem was under $30.

In terms of the consequences of the defects, at least 13 deaths occurred in connection with the previous ignition switch recall. The most recent ignition switch recall is connected to 8 car wrecks and six injuries. There are over 80 lawsuits right now and probably more to come.

Those harmed by defective motor vehicles or any other defective product can analyze whether they have compensation appropriate to injuries and losses.  Working with an experienced attorney will help ensure the best possible outcome in the case.