Credit card breaches are at an all time high and we can expect more cyberattacks. One hundred and ten million people were affected by the Target attack alone. Here are 6 ways to better protect yourself.


1. Don’t shop with your Debit card.

Pursuant to federal law your liability for credit card charges is only $50. The same limit applies with your Debit card except you must report the charge within 2 business days. After that time it is $500 and if you wait longer than 60 days after you get your  statement, you could lose all your money from that account. Remember, too, often debit cards to not have Fraud alerts like many credit cards do.


2. Sign your Transactions.

If you use your debit card, you may be safer if you sign for your purchase instead of using your PIN. Visa and Mastercard have “zero liability” policies on debit transactions if you sign.


3. Unlink Accounts.

Is your savings account linked to the debit card? If so, that money is not safe if your card and PIN are compromised.


4. Review your Statements online.

Try and review your statements on line at least 3 times a year;  that way you can catch problems and avoid missing your window of opportunity to fix matters.


5. Change your PIN every year.

Do so even if there is no problem.


6. Monitor your Credit reports.

Get your 3 free reports per year, order one every 4 months from the