Trucks are extremely dangerous machines. With hundreds of laws and regulations designed to make them safer, they still cause far too many horrific injuries. In order to make our roads safer, it is important to identify some of the causes of these crashes.

Trucks are massive. Legally they can carry up to 80,000 pounds of weight and when travelling at 60 mph, that much mass can do significant damage. Because of this heavy weight trucks need approximately 40% more time to stop than the average car. Often the stopping time is further increased because of slow driver perception and reaction times, i.e. tired, sleepy, on the road too long without a break, distracted driving, and poor road conditions and bad weather.

Because these massive vehicles permeate the roadways, it is even more important to remain aware and cautious when driving. When drivers, whether it be us or the truck drivers, fail to accommodate or consider the weight of these machines, the chances of a collision accompanied with terrible injuries and large economic and non economic damages increases dramatically.