As we all know, Memorial Day is about those who gave us their lives protecting us here in America and Veteran’s Day is about those who have served our country and survived. This weekend Java and I helped sponsor through Puffin and then attended a gallery opening at the Dublin Arts Council that is an incredible, rarely viewed  exhibit  of  photos that Eddie Adams took while in Vietnam. His most famous photos is when the one officer  is in the process of shooting  the enemy- it turns out he was a major assassin-  in the head. Eddie Adams was one of the most respected and prize winning photojournalists of the last 100 years.

While there,  I met and spoke with a number of courageous  veterans and  also there is an excellent display of information that helps veterans pertaining to PTSD and a benefits guide as well. We have those documents attached for your ease of reference.

Everyone here at KLH thanks from the bottom of our hearts all those who lost their lives fighting for the USA and those who have served us in various wars.