Many of you may know that we help out MADD victims and the Association. We are firm believers that drinking and driving should not co-exist. The horrible outcomes we see, the devastation of people and families that we witness and help victims through all due to drunk driving is profoundly disturbing and destructive. While my wife Java and I were traveling this winter in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand (their summertime), we found that drinking and driving in New Zealand was  a major problem, so much so that their society constantly advertises NO DRINK DRIVING. In other words, the country’s morality focuses on no drinking at all if someone is going to drive. In fact, one of the more interesting companies that has been created there will pick you up at a bar (after you call them), drive you home and also at the same time someone in that company also drives your car home so that you and your car both arrive at home safely.  This is smart and the business (fortunately) does very well. From everyone here at KLH, we encourage you to engage in NO DRINK DRIVING. If there are two alternatives to safety, isn’t it best to pick the safest alternative available?