As we enter the holiday season, crime goes up. We must be extra diligent protecting ourselves, our families, and our homes. Here are a few tips I strongly advise, ones I have learned and taught over my 40 years  of  martial arts and self-defense instruction.


  1. Crying Babies at your front door – never open your door if you hear a baby crying. Robbers play a tape and get you to endanger you and your home. This is a favorite method used by serial killers and documented on America’s Most Wanted.
  2. Do not advertise your vacation plans or tell anyone your spouse is out of town. This information should be on a “need to know” basis.
  3. Don’t hide your house keys. Bad guys know where to look. Give the keys to a neighbor you trust.
  4. Stop, look and listen. Before getting in or out of your car whether at work, at home, at a store or at a mall, take 5-10 seconds and look around carefully.
  5. Leave your television or radio on at your house or hotel when you are not there.
  6. Internet shopping– if the site is http, do not buy anything.  Https is a secure site.
  7. Always listen to your instincts. Your #1 priority it so run or escape and not fight. Distance is important. Make noise.
  8. Shred your mail that you throw away. This protects you from identity theft.


One of the best books I’ve ever read is Walter Philbrick’s SURVIVING, A CITIZEN’S GUIDE TO SURVIVING  STREET CRIMES AND TERROIST ATTACKS. I highly recommend it. These tips are also noted in his book.