The semi-truck is one of the most dangerous motor vehicles on the roads today. With nearly 97% of semi truck collisions involving a fatality and the annual death rate reaching 4,000, it is imperative we do everything possible to stay safe on the road. Here are a few key pointers when sharing the roadway with a semi.

  • Give trucks space. These trucks are massive and take longer to speed up or slow down. Because of the physics, it is especially important to maintain a safe distance. If one follows too closely, the trailer’s size cannot only prevent one from seeing down the roadway but can severely limit one’s reaction time.
  • Be aware of blind spots. The semi, has very large and significant blind spots. At all costs, attempt to stay away from these blind spots. If necessary, pass the truck quickly on the left; this will give the driver the most visibility of your car.
  • Remain calm. It is crucial to keep a level head when driving and do your best to avoid “road rage.” Often, truckers will drive aggressively in an attempt to reach their destination faster. If you encounter a truck driving aggressively, it is best to slow down and let these trucks pass or get off the road at the nearest exit.