Low Fuel Costs Brings More Trucks and New Drivers on our Roadways

For quite some time the trucking industry has had to contend with a national shortage of drivers and additional regulations are on the horizon in Congress. These realities can hurt businesses and consumers by increasing general costs.

However, this new year may mark a positive turning point.  The price of diesel fuel has decreased dramatically and is expected to remain low, according to a CNN article. This lower cost of production provides the opportunity for more generous companies to pass savings to drivers. In turn, hopefully this will incentivize new job seekers to enter the market which will help to reduce or eliminate the massive driver shortage.

In addition to higher salaries for drivers, low fuel prices are expected to increase shipped goods by 2.5%,  primarily because companies can afford to put more trucks on the roadways.

With more trucks and new drivers on our highways, it will certainly be more important than ever to stay safe on the roadways.

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