Stay at the scene-Assess your  passenger’s injuries and ensure that the environment is safeCall 911 to dispatch the police and medical personnel.  It is extremely important that you receive a police report documenting the incident.  Ask the officer for a report number.

Exchange information-Keep conversation with the other driver to a minimum and be polite.  Use caution in discussing the incident. If the other driver is at fault, see if you can get the person to admit same. Find witnesses who might support that you were in the right.   Stay calm and composed while collecting names, addresses, phone numbers, license numbers, insurance company and policy numbers of all drivers.  It is important to collect contact information from any witnesses that saw the wreck happen as well.

Document the scene-Take detailed pictures of your car and any other cars involved.  Take additional pictures of the scene and surrounding area.

Seek medical attention-Shortly after accident see a doctor to begin medical treatment and to document your injuries. Do not wait. You could have internal injuries.

Report the accident to your insurance company

Contact your attorney-Your attorney will guide you through the process.  Once you are represented he or she will be the point of contact for all the  insurance companies involved.