It is not a surprise to anyone that crime is always on the rise during the holidays and terrorism seems to be on everyone’s minds. Here are a few tips to consider so that you and your loved ones are as safe as possible:

  1. When parking to shop at a mall, walk down the middle of the road so anyone can see you, especially if it is dark.
  2. Carry mace with you in one hand.
  3. If you are going to use your keys to strike someone, hold the biggest key in your hand so that it is perpendicular to your fingers (at a 90 degree angle).
  4. Before entering your car, look under it to make sure no one is there.
  5. When getting in, pull your packages and purses in and anything else as fast as possible and then lock the car PRONTO.
  6. If you feel you are in trouble, MAKE AS MUCH NOISE AS POSSIBLE.  YELL, SCREAM, AND THEN RUN!
  7. When entering any premise, look around you and see if anyone or anything looks out of place. Do this on a regular basis and you will be a much better observer than most.
  8. If you sense trouble, go with your instincts. You are probably right. Then ACT!
  9. Never ever get into a car of someone you do not know. That can be your last act alive.
  10. When sitting in a bar or restaurant, try to have the best view possible with your back to the wall.
  11. When shopping, always try to keep a hand free to strike or call the police or use your mace.
  12. If you must hit someone, go for the eyeball, the throat and the bridge of the nose. Also, cup your hand and smash into someone’s ear to cause a disturbance and dizziness.

Of course, we want you to have the safest and healthiest holiday ever. But this can only happen if you are alert and prepared. Hopefully, you will more prepared now with these tips.