It used to be that someone had 15 years to sue on a written contract if the contract did not spell out a shorter time. As of this past fall Ohio changed the law so that one only has 8 years to sue on a written contract and 6 years for an oral agreement. Clearly this will reduce corporate exposure for lawsuits, reduce record keeping costs and limits consumers’ rights, including class actions. The new law means that if you have a belief that there is a breach of contract by anyone or some entity for any reason, you should act promptly and seek out legal advice regarding your rights. Read your contract if it is  a form document and make sure you abide by its terms and conditions including any time parameters. If there are witnesses who are crucial to the case, find them and take statements before they are long gone or their memory is not so good. In other words, when something is or does not feel right, study your paperwork and then act. Do not wait when protecting yourself.