Unfortunately, it is not easy to know if a toy is SAFE.  Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) does not test all toys, and not all toys in stores or online meet CPSC standards. Trouble in Toyland, the definitive annual survey from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, identified numerous toys out there right now that are toxic, create choking or strangulation hazards, are too loud or present other dangers.

There were 265,000 toy-related injuries and 11 deaths in 2012. Riding toys and asphyxiation (often from choking on balloons or small parts) were the leading causes of death, while non-motorized scooters caused the most injuries.

Source: Toy-Related Deaths and Injuries 2012, CPSC (download)


More than 9.8 million dangerous toys were seized at ports throughout the United States during the past five years. So far in 2013, there have been recalls on 31 toys compared to 93 in 2007.

Source: Global System of Toy Safety Works, CPSC and U.S. Customs


Between 2009 and 2011, the CPSC reported that kids and infants swallowed an estimated 1,700 magnets, which can cause life-threatening damage to the stomach and intestines. Consumer Reports called for a ban on super-strong magnets.

Source: Safety First When Buying Toys,
Consumer Reports

Parents Magazine –  Recalls for 2013

Parents.com sets forth recent recalls for children’s toys, including the name, brand, date it was recalled, the danger and where it was sold. There is also a helpful link for each recall titled, “I own this product. Now what?”

Find out about safe Toys on Safer Product Database

SaferProducts.gov was created so the public can report harm caused by toys and other consumer products. The CPSC toy page also provides safety alerts, buying guides, posters, brochures and other materials you can use to shop smart and help spread the word.

The  Perfect Toy?  

The Good Housekeeping Research Institute tested 150 products and named the Best Toy Awards for 2013 based on innovation, safety and skill-building. Also take a look at  the Dr. Toy iPhone app and browse toys by award, skill, type, age or price to find the ideal gift.