As most know, truck collisions are exceedingly dangerous and expensive in terms of property damage and more importantly the human pain and suffering for those involved. In an attempt to protect you from these terrible consequences, it is important first to alert you to  the usual causes of these unfortunate but often very avoidable  incidents. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration here are the most common causes for truck collisions.

Driver Fatigue. It is not unusual for truck operators to drive longer than expected even though they may be seriously fatigued. Driving while tired lowers reaction time and awareness, and significantly increase the chances of a collision.

Impaired Driving. Driving under the influence of a substance can lead to extremely serious injuries, especially when a truck is involved. In the trucking industry one must be aware that some drivers abuse either legal or illegal drugs in order to stay awake longer and arrive at their destination sooner. The pressure on drivers to do so is intense.

 Equipment Malfunction. Because these large trucks are so dangerous, they are subject to an extensive list of rules and regulations. These include regular inspections of the vehicle and the driver. However, these inspections are often overlooked or given short shrift so that shipments stay on schedule. This reality  means that  too many potentially malfunctioning and dangerous trucks are on the roads every day.

Climate. The weather almost certainly plays a major  role in causing wrecks, especially in the winter. When the roadway is slippery or wet, for instance, it can be very difficult for the truck operator to control the very heavy and long vehicle. These conditions greatly increase collisions.