We live in an era where our choices are immense and competition is more fierce than ever.  UBER is certainly an exciting development in terms of alternative transportation choices.  However, there are a few crucial knowledge points to keep in mind if you decide to use UBER, as apparently millions are going to do tonight and tomorrow.

  1. Make sure that you know exactly what you are going to be charged by your UBER driver. This is a fairly unregulated area today and there are already lawsuits and class actions against UBER for hidden charges and fees.  As you negotiate the numbers, it is important to know precisely what a regular taxi might charge you for the exact same ride.  There are numerous complaints that UBER drivers charge far more than taxi drivers and the passenger does not know the numbers until the end of the trip.
  1. What kind of insurance does the UBER driver have in terms of liability and uninsured motorist coverage? This is major and you should ask the driver to show you his license and insurance declaration sheet relevant to the time you are in the car.
  1. Further, check with your own insurance company and make sure that you are covered by your own carrier in case the UBER driver or another negligent driver does not have adequate insurance coverage, that being liability or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Get a letter  from your agent or company telling you what coverage you do and do not have.

Many authorities are describing the UBER era as “the wild west” in terms of the law and regulation. Therefore, it is up to you to be on guard, to ask questions, and do all you can to protect yourself and your loved ones because no one will do a better job at it than you.