Our cars, consumers and our roads are safer now because of lawsuits. GM and Ford, for instance, designed defective gas tank placement which resulted in fires, explosions, and deaths. Sadly, GM could have fixed the tanks for $8.40 per car. Their records showed that they calculated paying for 500 fatal accidents and even by doing so, it would only cost them $2.40 per car. So, GM decided it was cheaper to let people die or get injured rather than fix the problem. As a result of litigation, gas tanks are now universally located within rigid frames.

Tires- Firestone to Goodyear:  they tried to cover up defective tire problems which caused over 271 deaths. The resulting litigation brought tires and manufacturers under severe scrutiny and held these companies accountable.

Air bags- through litigation Courts found that manufacturers knew that their cars were safer with air bags and many lives would have been saved had they been installed. Over time, the corporations were forced to install air bags in all cars. Imagine life now without air bags!

The same applies to door latches, ignition switches, seat belts, power windows and roof crushes- litigation paved the way for safer transportation and proper accountability.