zimmerMany people don’t know the name of the manufacturer or model of their knee implant.  But the specific type of knee implant can have serious consequences.

Zimmer, for example, the manufacturer of many different types of medical devices, made a type of knee implant called the Persona.  The official name is the Persona Trabecular Metal Tibial Plate.  It was supposed to offer superior comfort by being personalized to an individual’s specific needs.

However, the metal components in Persona implants can loosen and migrate after they are implanted.  This movement can lead to misalignment, component shifting, pain and swelling in the knee joint, fracture of the bones, and infection.  These issues lead the FDA to issue a warning about the safety and effectiveness of Zimmer Persona implants in March, 2015.  Zimmer then issued a worldwide recall of all Persona knee implants.