Attorney Mark Kitrick spoke at the OELA “Protecting Ohio’s Employees Fundraiser” regarding the recent TRIAL magazine article that Mark Kitrick & partner Mark Lewis wrote.  The article, “LOOKING INSIDE YOUR OWN MIND”, is a first of it’s kind to ever be written for lawyers.  Attorney Kitrick discussed the most recent neuroscience and social science advances […]

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Columbus Bar Association

Mark Kitrick presenting CLE program “Hot Coffee: Exposing the Truth, Lies & Misperceptions of our Litigation System” at the Columbus Bar Association last week.

April 13th, 2015|Legal Education|

Your Privacy Protection and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

New technologies certainly have brought many extraordinary benefits to consumers. Yes the more we access the cyber world for products, services, information and entertainment, the more our privacy is in jeopardy. When we shop, pay bills, view medical bills and records, companies are tracking, collecting, using, storing massive amounts of data about us and we […]

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Medicines and Fatal Allergic Reactions-How to Protect Yourself

We hear a lot about food allergies these days but many don’t realize that a new study indicates that medications are the biggest cause of sudden deaths. For more than a decade, almost 60% of allergy-related deaths were from medicines. This is compared to less than 7% from food allergies. (See Journal of Allergy and […]

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