The Dangers of Lipitor

Millions of people take atorvastatin or what we know as  “Lipitor”  for high cholesterol. The drug blocks an enzyme in the liver which the body turns into cholesterol. This drug has a wide range of side effects including liver damage. So, if you are taking this drug, it is crucial to have your liver functioning [...]

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Abuse of our Elderly is a Major Problem in America

Each year millions of Americans are abused or neglected, often by those who are supposed to care for them or by people they trust. This is epidemic. Let us start with the statistics. In the US alone, more than 500,000 adults over 60 years old are suspected of being abused or neglected per year. We [...]

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Even Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries Can Kill Brain Tissue

Scientists have watched a mild traumatic brain injury play out in the living brain, prompting swelling that reduces blood flow and connections between neurons to die. See the full article at:

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Time period to sue on contracts

It used to be that someone had 15 years to sue on a written contract if the contract did not spell out a shorter time. As of this past fall Ohio changed the law so that one only has 8 years to sue on a written contract and 6 years for an oral agreement. Clearly [...]

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The Dangers of Hands Free Cell Calls When Driving

Thomas Schweizer, director of the neuroscience research program at St. Michael’s Hospital, conducted brain-imaging scans for a study on how talking hands free on a cell affects driving. He and his colleagues observed that there are many collisions involving left handed turns.  So, they asked seven women and nine men between the ages of 20 [...]

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