McDonalds, Hot Coffee & Lawsuits

  People think they know the facts about the McDonald’s burn case and are outraged at the verdict. But do they truly know the facts? I highly recommend that you watch this short video below and if you have 90 minutes, watch the documentary HOT COFFEE. I think you will be surprised at the truth. [...]

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Drugs and the FDA Pharmacists

  Many people do not know this fact but the FDA (“US Food and Drug Administration”-855-543-3784) has approximately 25 pharmacists in the FDA’s Division of Drug information (“DDI”)who the public can call, email, or write with questions from 8 am-4:30 pm EST-1-888-INFO-FDA. The DDI is a public outreach arm of the FDA’s Center for Drug [...]

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Don’t Drink and Drive Anything!

Riding bikes is more popular than ever for a number of good reasons and a key question then becomes, can someone get in trouble for riding their bike after drinking alcohol or doing drugs?  Usually, we tend to think  about drinking and driving when it comes to “cars” or “trucks.” In Ohio and in most [...]

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