Terrorism and Insurance Coverage

The latest rounds of terrorism in the world make many wonder whether the horrific damages are covered by insurance in some way. For ordinary citizens in the United States most insurance policies exclude any and all damages caused by terrorists. However, few people know that the congress though  George Bush in 2002  created a law, [...]

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Smoking and Verdicts with Punitive Damages

Many may have read about the $23.6 billion jury verdict against R.J. Reynolds in favor of the widow whose husband died of lung cancer some years ago. It is important to know that punitive damage verdicts are extremely rare.  When a jury does render such a decision, it is because they are outraged by the [...]

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Oral Medication Dosing Errors

Habits can be hard to break or they wouldn’t be called such.  How many of us still reach for a kitchen spoon out of the utensil drawer when dosing medication?  According to a recent study in the August 2014 edition of “Pediatrics” adults and parents reach for this form of measurement when an oral medication [...]

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What Would Cars be Like Without the Civil Justice System?

Our cars, consumers and our roads are safer now because of lawsuits. GM and Ford, for instance, designed defective gas tank placement which resulted in fires, explosions, and deaths. Sadly, GM could have fixed the tanks for $8.40 per car. Their records showed that they calculated paying for 500 fatal accidents and even by doing [...]

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On the Radio

Visit the iTunes store here and listen to the free July 3rd podcast of attorney Sean Harris on America's Work Force Radio show.

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Tips on how to have a safe 4th of July

With the 4th of July right around the corner, the sound of fireworks cannot be too far behind.  And with fireworks, come the risk of severe injuries.  Always keep in mind:   -          Kids need adult supervision, even for sparklers, which can reach 2,000 degrees. -          Never attempt to re-light a firework after it has [...]

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