Teaching A New Dog Old Tricks: Defeating Assumption of Risk in Product Liability Claims

I. Introduction Is anything one does as part of their job truly “voluntary?” Leaving aside philosophical considerations of free will or neuroscientific analysis of subconscious decision-making processes, most people would likely answer “no,” in light of recent unemployment rates and the overall state of the economy. With families to support and bills to pay, forces [...]

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Concussions & Head Trauma-A Simple Diagnostic Test

  We are starting to better understand when people have concussions and how to diagnose them with more sophisticated tests. However, a study recently published in The British Journal of Sports Medicine offers a simple, practical, and accurate way to tests athletes to determine whether one has sustained a concussion. The test focuses on “reaction [...]

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Working with Your Lawyer to Maximize Your Medical Recovery

  By  Deborah Nelson, Esq. Nelson Boyd, PLLC Seattle, WA www.nelsonboydlaw.com               Tragedy strikes.  You are injured in an automobile collision, you are struck by a car while riding your bike, you fall on someone else’s property, or you are hit by falling debris or merchandise.  What do you do?  You know you need [...]

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