Bullying and How We Should Act

There is a lot of talk these days about bullying and how bad it is. And that is a good thing. I will share a story. Mine. When I was a kid (well under 15) I lived on a small street in a suburb away from where  most of the neighborhood kids lived and played. [...]

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Pet Safety While Traveling

The very first thing that most of us think about when we get into a vehicle is buckling ourselves and our family up.  So why would we think twice about buckling our pets up for too?  It is something, until recently, that I personally didn’t give much thought to.  That all changed when I was [...]

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Bicycle Helmets – Not Just for Children

It's that time of year again - time to discuss bicycle safety. A "typical" bicyclist killed on our roadways is a (sober) male over the age of 16, not wearing a helmet, riding on a major road between intersections, and traveling in an urban area on a summer evening when struck by a car. The [...]

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Sailboats, Sailing & Insurance Issues

It's important that you know what your insurance does and does not cover before you need to make a claim. Here are a few items to consider when choosing insurance for your boat:   Watercraft Liability Limits * Just like car insurance, the more coverage you have (i.e. - the higher your limits), the more [...]

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Charity Drive for Animals

In support for the local animal shelter CHA, in Westerville, The Law Firm of Kitrick, Lewis & Harris CO., LPA collected much needed items for part of July.  CHA Animal Shelter is a completely donation-funded non profit shelter that has been rescuing dogs and cats in central Ohio since 1975.  They help homeless and abandoned animals [...]

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Levaquin and Ruptured Tendons

One of the serious side effects of Levaquin is ruptured tendons. Furthermore, as listed on the Ortho McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceutical medication guide, one can have nerve damage. There is now  black box warnings but they came too late for many people. The FDA has noted that more than 60% of fluroquinolone-related tendon injuries are connected to [...]

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