If you or a loved one are going to have surgery or any kind of procedure, it is incumbent to follow some basic rules:   Review your Doctor’s License- Go to the state’s medical website and look up your doctor.  It will list if there is any issue with the physician’s license.  If you cannot [...]

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Mark Kitrick Feature

Mark Kitrick is not only a talented attorney. He is also a musician and composer. The CBA Arts Committee chose Mark to be the first profiled as a local lawyer with unique talents. Click here to view his video.

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Summer Hydration Tips for Adults and Kids

Summer means longer days and more fun outside in warmer temperatures.  Hydration itself has been a hot, even controversial, topic in the last year or so, but whether you’re swimming, camping, biking, golfing, boating or grilling warmer temperatures mean it’s easier to lose fluids and become dehydrated.   “Just drink enough water” is a simple enough [...]

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KLH News

We are excited to announce that attorney Sean Harris has recently been sworn in as the next Ohio Association for Justice Secretary.

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Shared Driving – Car2Go –Maybe You Don’t Go

Did  you know that insurance companies including Cincinnati, AAA, Auto Owners, Grange, Encompass, and SafeCo (and there could be more) have exclusionary language about ride sharing programs like “car2go.”  I must warn people who want to use ride sharing programs which encompass paying by the hour or day to use a small car from a [...]

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How to Protect Yourself from Credit Card or Debit Fraud

Credit card breaches are at an all time high and we can expect more cyberattacks. One hundred and ten million people were affected by the Target attack alone. Here are 6 ways to better protect yourself.   1. Don't shop with your Debit card. Pursuant to federal law your liability for credit card charges is [...]

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