Truck Wrecks-Major Damages to People and Property

Certainly automobile collisions can have horrible consequences, but when a 20,000-pound truck is involved, the results are often catastrophic. These effects range from monetary loss to severe physical injury or death. And while the monetary values of such wrecks are exceedingly high, the more costly losses which are intangible yet compensable involve the horrible pain [...]

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Forced Arbitration-Beware the Fine Print

The American Association for Justice has shared coverage on forced arbitration from the New York Times, building off of the groundbreaking series, Beware the Fine Print (Part I). "Efforts to Rein in Arbitration Come Under Well-Financed Attack" explores the great lengths and varied ways the US Chamber of Commerce has sought to eliminate class actions on [...]

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The Trucking Safety Act-Making the Roads Safer

The trucking industry and motor vehicle safety lobbyists have been fighting each other for years to legislate in Congress a trucking bill that better protects consumers. There has been constant debate over the restrictions passed last year which shortened the breaks truckers were required to take before returning to work. Now, congress has created a [...]

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Truck Crashes-Drugs, Fatigue & Weather

As most know, truck collisions are exceedingly dangerous and expensive in terms of property damage and more importantly the human pain and suffering for those involved. In an attempt to protect you from these terrible consequences, it is important first to alert you to  the usual causes of these unfortunate but often very avoidable  incidents. [...]

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