Memorial Day and Veterans’ Rights and Damages

As we all know, Memorial Day is about those who gave us their lives protecting us here in America and Veteran’s Day is about those who have served our country and survived. This weekend Java and I helped sponsor through Puffin and then attended a gallery opening at the Dublin Arts Council that is an [...]

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Zimmer Persona Trabecular Implants

The manufacturer Zimmer has issues a voluntary recall  of the Zimmer Persona Trabecular Metal (cement less) implant  because  certain patients are having serious issues with the implant after surgery  Apparently with some patients it does not attach well and it causes pain with basic activity. Increasing pain with normal daily activities is a sign that [...]

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Bicycle Helmet Law Proposed

Only 10-20% of kids across the country wear helmets when riding their bikes.  Which is part of the reason over 50,000 kids are sent to the ER each year from bicycle accidents.  That’s why a new proposed law being discussed in Ohio would require children under 16 to wear a helmet while biking, similar to [...]

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