Fires in Surgery

Every year across  America about 300-500 fires occur when someone is going to have surgery. People express surprise when they hear that such an event  can occur.  How is this possible?  Well, in surgery there are often high O2 (high oxygen) levels- think face masks. There are alcohol swabs put on bodies. Then there can [...]

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KLH Proud to Co-Sponsor “Hot Coffee”

Join Us for A FREE Showing of the Sundance Documentary Thursday, March 14, 2013 Reception will begin at 5:00 p.m. with appetizers and film will begin at 6:00 p.m. Gateway Film Center 1550 North High Street Columbus, OH 43201 Seinfeld mocked it.  Leterman ranked it in his top ten list.  More than fifteen years later, [...]

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Jury Deliberates Course for Surgical Mesh Litigation

A jury in New Jersey is currently deciding one of the first cases involving surgical mesh, sometimes called transvaginal or hernia mesh, which often cause more problems than they solve.  The outcome of this early case will have a strong effect on how the manufacturers of mesh implants deal with the thousands of other victims.

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Toyota to Settle Unintended Acceleration Claims

Toyota has just agreed to a $1.1 billion settlement regarding hundreds of U.S. consumer claims about sudden unintended acceleration occurring in its vehicles. This resolution, which is being reviewed by Judge Selna, would resolve economic loss claims related to defective vehicles. The settlement does not cover wrongful death and injury claims against Toyota SUA. They [...]

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Dialysis Treatment Drugs Contributing to Patient Heart Attacks

Millions of patients suffering from kidney disease rely on dialysis and hemodialysis in order to have toxins removed from their body. Dialysis treatment is critical in keeping patients alive and assisting many who may be awaiting a life-saving kidney transplant. And critically important to this life-saving dialysis process is ensuring that the drug products given [...]

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How Do You Make Good Medical Decisions?

For most of us, making choices about medical care is scary and complicated. To ease our fears and help us make good health care decisions, Dr. Peter Ubel offers advice in his new book, Critical Decisions: How You and Your Doctor can Make the Right Medical Choices Together (  Dr. Ubel offers valuable tips to [...]

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Football vs. Brain Injuries

As our nation wraps up another season of football, brain injuries are being discussed all the more. And there is major class action litigation surrounding football players and their being exposed to serious and repeated brain trauma when playing their beloved game. Of course, most people know of the afflictions of boxers, most predominantly the [...]

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