Tort Deform and Hypocrisy

Many people believe that lawsuits and verdicts are out of control and that there are too many frivolous lawsuits.  None of this propaganda is true.  Every study proves that lawsuits and verdicts are down, that corporations sue each other all the time,  and that few cases are found to be frivolous. What is most interesting [...]

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Columbus Bar Association Presentation

Attorney Mark Lewis presented "Learning From Our Mistakes" to the Columbus Bar Association's Young Lawyer group on October 21, 2014.   Attorney Lewis shared with the young lawyers how the psychology of learning and recent developments in cognitive science can help them adapt to shortcomings in ways that improve their legal practices.

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Ongoing Epidemics in America

The lead story on the nightly news is about the fear of EBOLA reaching pandemic proportions  and how this disease likened to a modern day plague is racing across at least four countries in Africa and how that will affect us here in our own homeland. Fleas on rats which were regular “passengers” aboard ships [...]

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Educational Seminar

Attorney Sean Harris will be presenting at the COAJ and CBA seminar "Trial Skills Institute".  This event will take place on December 5, 2014 and will feature a complete mock trail.  Learn more here.

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Forced Arbitrations

Are you reading the fine print?  Forced arbitration has become popular in big company contracts and agreements.   It can be found in documents used for credit cards, investment accounts, employment, insurance, and so much more.  Forced arbitration is when a company takes away your right as a consumer or employee to sue, participate in a [...]

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