Patient Safety in Hospitals – An Epidemic of Deaths and Injury?

  Many cite the Institute of Medicine’s estimate that up to 98,000 American die each year from medical errors. However, this estimate is decades old. The Journal of Patient Safety in its September 2013 issue analyzed and presented new evidence – studying the years 2008-2011-  that the number of premature deaths associated with preventable harm [...]

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5 Ways to Better Protect Children in Safety Seats

  7 out of 10 parents and caregivers wrongly install child safety seats even though 96% of them think they do it right! Why it is important? Because correctly installed seats reduce fatal infant injuries by 71% and 54% for toddlers. In the United States, car crashes are the #1 killer of children aged 1-13. [...]

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Drunk Driving – A Rare Response – A Public Confession

Unfortunately, we all know so well that one of life’s most tragic events is when someone decides to drink and drive and then kills someone. The ramifications to the decedent’s family and society in general are horrendous, truly beyond reasonable description. In one of our firm’s wrongful death civil cases, the drunk driver Matthew Cordle–before [...]

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