Protecting Yourself in the Summer from Skin Cancer

It feels good to get sun and people like to have a certain amount of color to look healthy. Unfortunately, there are risks inherent with such activities. Even those who fully protect themselves are subject to skin cancer. It is not true that people who have darker skin are less likely to get cancer; it […]

June 22nd, 2015|Uncategorized|

Choosing Childcare with Safety in Mind

You are about to make an important choice.  One that is very important to your child’s future.  The time has come to enroll your child in an early learning center for your little one.  If this is your first time hiring a professional to care for and educate your child, you may not know where […]

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5 Things Drivers Need to Know Before Working for a Ridesharing Service

**Blog shared with us and written by Wes Wolfe**

Think that working for a ridesharing company will be a financial windfall…the reality is maybe not.

The ads are enticing:  “Make $35/hour driving with us!” or “You could make $800 a week or more!”

Ridesharing services, or transportation network companies (TNCs), are everywhere. Uber alone signs up an estimated […]

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