Improving our Highways and Safety – The FAST ACT

Last month Congress passed the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, known as the FAST Act. This bill is a compromise of a few previous bills that did not pass. This new law allocates $305 Billion towards fixing America’s transit system, which includes fixing roads, reducing freight costs, and boosting productivity in freight related industries. The […]

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COAJ 2015 Past President’s Award

Congratulations to Mark Kitrick who received the Central Ohio Association for Justice 2015 Past President’s Award on January 12, 2016 “In recognition of his unending efforts to promote justice, assist the legal community and serve the citizens of Central Ohio”.

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Safety Alert

Low Fuel Costs Brings More Trucks and New Drivers on our Roadways

For quite some time the trucking industry has had to contend with a national shortage of drivers and additional regulations are on the horizon in Congress. These realities can hurt businesses and consumers by increasing general costs.

However, this new year may mark a positive […]

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Drugs, Drugs, and more Drugs- The Many often Unknown Dangers

Over the holidays I bought a well-known weekly national magazine. As I started paging through it, I noticed a multitude of medication ads; so many that I decided to rip out all those pages. Interestingly, after doing so, I was reading a much smaller and lighter magazine. But when I studied  the ripped pile of […]

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When Our Minds are NOT on the Road

Study after study including this one from October, 2015 proves that we are seriously distracted when we drive and use hands free devices. The AAA considers a mental distraction rating of 2 or higher (out of 5) as potentially dangerous. In this study the drivers’ attention was distracted with a rating of 3.4. And notably, […]

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